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Currently we have several fish farms available for purchase. 

Please contact us to express your interest and we will contact you to discuss your needs further.

Tasmanian Cockle Licence for Ansons Bay Size: Price: $310,000 (+ GST)

Tasmanian Cockle Licence to harvest fish from Ansons Bay.  These cockles are  "Katalesia" or the same fish used in the famous Spaghetti Vongole from Venice or Paella from Spain.  They are very quickly becoming popular in Australian restaurants.

The licence holder may catch 4,400 kilos annually and depending on the season they fetch from $15 to $29 per kilo at the Sydney Fish market and about $18.50 per kilo to private buyers in Hobart, melbourne and Sydney.

This is an excellent purchase for an owner operator or an investor who would employ a local fisherman to catch the fish.  For full details and financials e-mail or call 0418 132 231 anytime.


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